Kinga Dębska
Kinga Dębska
Witold Płóciennik PSC
Wojciech Żogała
Dorota Roqueplo
Bartosz Chajdecki
Production Manager: 
Katarzyna Kania
Line producers: 
Aleksandra Skraba
Piotr Dzięcioł
Kinga Preis,Tomasz Sapryk,Karolina Gruszka,Paulina Pytlak,Joanna Drabik,Katarzyna Herman,Mariusz Bonaszewski



A 20-year-old Nastka, the film narrator, was born with cerebral palsy. As a result, her world primarily consists of a window in her room through which she can see the street and every day observe passers-by, neighbours or her beloved Mateusz.
Her sister Łucja is a dancer in the national ballet, deadly ambitious and career-focused. However, she suffers a severe injury soon after she gets the leading role. She blames Nastka for that. Łucja strives to hide the issue by stuffing herself with medicines. However, the consequences get her during the performance premiere.
Nastka is nursed by Poldek, the girls’ father, alone. Although he loves his daughters and does his utmost, he has never confronted the mourning after his wife, Nastka’s and Łucja’s mother.
A driving force for changes in the family life comes from Józefina, an extravagant neighbour. Thanks to her, Nastka manages to pass her baccalaureate exam, Poldek casts out the demons of the past and finds a friendly soul in Józefina.
After healing the injury and following the family reunion, Łucja takes to street ballet dancing instead of returning to the stage. Only after she has quit her dream of dancing in the leading role does she achieve that.